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Hand Controls

Push/Pull Hand Controls

Mechanical Hand Controls are a perfect solution for people with impaired leg function. The system is designed primarily for vehicles fitted with an automatic gearbox. The Hand Control is mounted on the steering column for either left or right hand operation and attached to the pedal box via a mechanical linkage.

The device is pulled back to accelerate and pushed forward to apply the brake. Additional functions can be added to the Hand Control grip i.e. indicator function switch, however, this may incur additional costs due to the complexity of some vehicle’s electrical systems.

The pedal functions are retained and therefore do not impede normal driving functions.

Radial Accelerators

Similar to the push and pull control, the radial accelerator can help you control the speed of your car if you are unable to use the foot controls.

The radial brake and accelerator is a variation  of the push/pull Hand Controls.   Instead of pushing to brake and pulling to accelerate the lever works on the principle of push to brake and to pivot downwards to accelerate.

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