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Wheelchair Stowage

Chair topper boxVehicle access can be achieved by several means and for several different reasons. Manual ramps can be used for the stowage of light weight, unoccupied wheelchairs or small scooters. They can be easily folded and stowed away in the boot space of the vehicle.

For heavier more cumbersome items such as powered wheelchairs or large scooters, a powered “crane like” boot hoist can be used to lift the unoccupied equipment into the vehicle. There are several different types of hoist with specific lifting capacity depending on the application.

Powered hydraulic lift platforms or manual folding “fixed” ramps can be used for vehicle access where the person is still positioned in the wheelchair or scooter.

For person access into the vehicle following a wheelchair transfer, a person hoist (similar to that used for bed to wheelchair transfer utilising a sling) can be fitted and mounted to the vehicle and stowed in the boot space when not in use.

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