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There are many different solutions to resolving seating issues.

turnout_770x320Swivel seats called “Turnout” are a way of improving the access into the driver or front passenger position by rotating the seat through 90 degrees via a powered or manual operation.


770x320_carony_classic-1In addition to this seat is the “Carony System” which transforms the Turnout seat into a manual wheelchair without the need for the occupant to transfer.


Tip & Fold seats are commonly used in larger vehicle applications such as a Mercedes Sprinter, VW Shuttle, Mercedes Vito etc. These are additional seats that are positioned at the rear of the vehicle and as the name suggests, tip and fold flat to the side to enhance access through the rear of the vehicle.

Powered and extended runners are again an aid to assist with the egress or ingress to a vehicle. Powered rise and fall is also an option if the application requires it.

A seat which deploys from a vehicle is more commonly used in high seated vehicles such as MPV’s. This device is known as “TURNY” or “TURNY HD”. This enables the wheelchair occupant to transfer onto the car seat at the same height as the wheelchair seat squab and then be elevated into the vehicle.

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