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Pedal Modifications

Twin Flip/Left Leg Accelerators

If you are unable to use your right leg, you could use a pedal transfer to switch the accelerator to the opposite side, enabling you to control the speed with your left foot.

Operation:  For a twin flip accelerator, you pull down the pedal required and the other pedal flips up automatically. You can then use that pedal while the other is safely folded up out of the way. Floor mounted left foot accelerators operate with a guard to cover the pedal not in use.

As with most things in this industry, there are several adaptations available to assist with overcoming pedal restrictions. Some of the more common adaptations are pedal extensions; flip up, left foot accelerator, foot steering, raised floor, position re-location.

This is by no means exhaustive so if you do not see the solution you require then please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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